Cisco Says SDN-Powered ‘Intent-Based Networking’ Is Industry Future

July 3, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Intent-Based Networking,IT Resources

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Analyst says it brings SDN to enterprise networking.

Cisco Systems Inc. — the unchallenged kingpin of networking hardware for the past 30 years — this week said it was shifting from hardware-centric to software-driven networking.

“With this new approach, Cisco is changing the fundamental blueprint for networking with reimagined hardware and the most advanced software,” the company said. “This shift from hardware-centric to software-driven networking will enable customers to experience a quantum leap in agility, productivity and performance.”

In addition to Cisco referring to intent-based networking as the “network of the future” in a news release, a Cisco exec elsewhere referred to it as the company’s “biggest innovation in the past decade,” another exec said it will “change the trajectory of the entire industry” and yet another exec said it was “a quantum leap in the evolution” of Cisco DNA….