Data Center Automation Companies and Network Automation Business Startups

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Business Networking

18 Notable Network Technology Companies

Companies like VeloCloud Networks and Avi Networks are leveraging software to increase the reliability, efficiency, and security of data networks.

Today, nearly half of the world’s population has internet access. As this figure grows, so too will the complexity of networks and connectivity. To keep pace, ongoing innovations in information technology are increasing the efficiency and reliability of these ever-expanding networks…



10 Automation Companies to Watch

Established players, start-ups develop automation technologies designed to take the ‘man’ out of manual processes in today’s enterprise data



Data Center Automation Companies

Vantage Data Centers provides data center solutions… Arista Networks is a computer networking firm delivering cloud networking… Mesosphere is a novel cloud operating system that treats your data center like one… ScaleXtreme provides cloud-based server automation products for distributed data… Tuangru’s next generation infrastructure management software is designed to… Idea Device provides automation solutions to help enterprises reduce operational errors…



Data Center Automation and the Software-Defined Database

Cloud data centers are not static environments, pre-provisioned to run a known, finite set of workloads to support predictable demand. They are highly dynamic environments in which everything is changing all the time. At scale. Which makes automation critical to success. At least it will be when we have figured out how to do it…