Intent-Based Networking: Essential for Digital Transformation?

November 10, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Intent-Based Networking

Robot Intelligence

Its advocates claim intent-based networking can deliver boost agility, reduce outages and cut operating expenses.

Underpinning every digital business is a digital network, and according to Gartner, unless some drastic changes are made to the way those networks are operated digital transformation will stall…

Apstra’s founder and CEO, Mansour Karam compared intent-based network to a self-driving car: “You get in and you just tell the car where you want it to go. That’s intent based. You may also have some opinions. You may say, on your way to work, if my laundry is ready, I’d like to pick up my laundry along the way. Your car should be able to include that constraint as part of its algorithm in terms of delivering on your intent. That’s intent based.”